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24 July 2014


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Thank you Barbara and gentlemen. The forensic test result has been reported to have affirmed the authorising signature as O'Neill's. Sam Koim also stated that there was other evidence.

O'Neill is doing everything to evade or run from the law but justice will prevail if the wheel of justice does not stop prematurely.

Corruption is corruption no matter its nature and magnitude and it is going to be a bad precedent if we sidetrack, cover it up or water it down.

The point needed to be made and Francis has nailed it. Many people who put out similar materials in the newspapers stand to compromise their integrity and professionalism.

Well done Francis,

Well said, Obed. Surely O'Neill should be able to understand that if he steps down and awaits a court investigation into the Parakagate affair, that the country will not fall apart. He is not indispensable. If he died tomorrow the whole place won't collapse.

Australia is taking little notice of PNG at the moment. Our Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, is a main player in a much greater world outrage. The people who have downed this plane and killed so many innocent people, must be caught and punished.

Australia bought and paid for Papua New Guinea's sovereignty in many ways, blood, sweat, tears as well as the ultimate sacrifice, death.

I and many thousands like me gave the best years of their young lives in assisting with the development and building of Papua New Guinea into a nation.

Do not have the audacity to blame my adopted country for the woes that have befallen your country.

Lay the blame squarely on the rubbish men or
big man olsem corrupt politicians.

With the current political instability, I doubt Australia will blame the people for our shortcomings by handing powerful rockets to protest Peter O'Neill's stepping down as PM.

After all, Australia should recognise our sovereignty.

We don't want the same civil crisis experienced by Bougainville repeating itself with PNG LNG.

Francis - Em nau.

I didn't see the ad. but thanks Francis for this excellent article. It reminds me of the recent history of the Ukraine.

At this sad time in world history, after the downing of MH17, we can read in the newspapers about the Ukraine, a country that used to be the "Bread Basket of Europe" but came under the rule of the USSR with totalitarian communism.

With the break-up of the USSR,it was given independence and tried to move to democracy. If ended up with massive corruption and a leader who grew very wealthy and built himself a palace, as they always do! (Has O'Neill built himself a palace, yet?)

This led on to a Revolution and the corrupt ruler was replaced by a new democratically elected leaders. But some in the country of Ukraine didn't like what happened, they wanted to go back to life "under Russian rule" i.e. back to the days of the USSR. So this led to a Civil War in the Ukraine.

The leader of Russia, Putin, who is often seen in palaces, was happy to help them and we believe he lent then some incredibly powerful rockets, and one night, when they had been drinking, it appears they might have used them to kill hundreds of innocent people.

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