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12 July 2014


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Abe is widely viewed as a right-wing nationalist. Rupert Wingfield-Hayes of the BBC described him as "far more right wing than most of his predecessors."

Since 1997, as the bureau chief of the 'Institute of Junior Assembly Members Who Think About the Outlook of Japan and History Education', Abe led the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform.

On his official homepage he questions the extent to which coercion was applied toward the Comfort Women, dismissing Korean "revisionism" as foreign interference in Japanese domestic affairs, and dismissed the issue of Japanese imperialism and atrocities in Manchuria.

In a Diet session on October 6, 2006, Abe revised his statement regarding comfort women, and said that he accepted the report issued in 1993 by the sitting cabinet secretary, Yōhei Kōno, where the Japanese government officially acknowledged the issue. Later in the session, Abe stated his belief that Class A war criminals are not criminals under Japan's domestic law

'Comfort women' were extensively used in Rabaul. The Chinese occupation resulted in the deaths of probably 30 million Filipinos, Malays, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Indonesians and Burmese, at least 23 million of them ethnic Chinese.

And Google the Nanking massacre.

Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott's recent comments about respecting the the honour and bravery of Japanese soldiers during WW2 is an affront to history and a blatant falsehood.

Abbott should try telling that to the descendants of Leonard Siffleet (beheaded by the Japanese in PNG), or the survivor of the Tol Plantation massacre, or the nurses who were killed in Singapore, or the few survivors of Unit 731.

Abbott is a disgrace to war history.

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