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28 July 2014


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Jimmy Awagl, the PNG buai trade was about equity, participation and supply chains across the length and breadth of PNG. All of it was perfectly legal, until buai was banned.

Do you think the producers really benefit from the ban? Is there any evidence of producer gains, or are the illegal supply chains and retailers gaining the most?

The buai ban creates an influx of money for one end of the market.

The producers can draw more cash from the few eligible consumers.

Don't you realise that you are doubling the cost. A ban on any item means the selling price increases.

The poor street sellers even if they are not selling buai have been chased, trampled on and sometimes also fired upon.

You would think in a country with elites stealing millions and getting away with it that this represents a great irony and one of the paradoxes of the times.

Like some of you have said, the poor and powerless get smashed all the time.

Kops, you have highlighted a culture that is fast eroding and weakening values in our bureaucratic and institutional systems.

The people who are supposed to assist Parkop in policing the betel nut ban are throwing out the window their self worth and bureaucratic and institutional codes of ethics and conduct they swear to uphold to pursue own gain using their position and privileges such as official vehicles. A sad reality.

The elite win again.

That was all part of the plan, wasn't it?

Well done Parkop, keep going.

What do people think of this new deal Parkop has signed with Askopina Ltd to sell betelnut de-husked and in plastic packaging?

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