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28 July 2014


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In this instance, it seems Liam Cochrane has fallen victim to his own bias and presented incomplete, unfair and inaccurate journalism. Note that I do say ‘In this instance’.

Rather than present a fair cross-section of several dozen healing cases that were right in front of him, he chose to single out one poor example then turn away to do his anti-Revival piece.

Fortunately, I have several Australian colleagues who made the effort to visit the various rallies of the Revival Fellowship in PNG over the past five years and provide me with a more balanced report.

They did not hear anyone directed to stop taking medicine or to not seek medical attention. People were prayed for and if they felt well they could return for further checking in the medical centres. There were six cases were people had previously tested as HIV positive and after prayer had returned and retested as HIV negative. What a shame Liam didn't include this in his reporting.

One of my colleagues had been to PNG previously and had met people who were very ill, presenting with symptoms that other locals were dying from. After prayer, those people began to get healthy and appeared to be fully recovered either within the same day or up to a few days later. He met those people again who were in excellent health (still) on his next visit to PNG.

It is true that in a small number of cases within a large church of more than 50,000 people, some people pass away from all sorts of conditions. Does this mean the church didn't care and didn't do their best to help those people? Does this take away from the many healthy and miraculous cases? It shouldn't.

People pass away in hospitals too. How sad if you applied the same logic and tainted hospitals as death centres.

The pages of the Bible are filled with miracles from Jesus and from those who followed his teachings, Christians.

Jesus told us that his believers would pray to God in the simplicity and purity of new prayer languages and that they would heal the sick. It has been happening for 2000 years and it has been happening here in many Australian churches. There is nothing new in that.

Jesus also raised several people from the dead. Very simply. They were dead, he prayed for them, they started breathing again and lived longer. Similarly, back then people would have asked themselves ‘Did I just see that?’

In PNG did you seek out and interview these people and why not? Did you talk to their doctors who pronounced them dead? Did you interview the many eye witnesses? My colleagues returned humbly from their investigations with their faith blistering. Or were you too busy laughing? Perhaps you thought no-one would question your report.

Non-believers love to have it both ways. To challenge God that if he is almighty, then where is he? What is he doing? Why isn't he intervening on behalf of those who pray?
Then when the evidence is before us, we don't want to look deeper.

Raised from the dead? Wippon and his followers have become religiously spooky, end of story.

Remember that HIV AIDS takes no account of your personality, religion and wealth. Everyone is vulnerable to the epidemic.

Revivalism claims to heal HIV AIDS. Its baptism ritual includes conversing in an alien dialect which people do not understand to even interpret a single phrase.

This is used to mislead or seduce.

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