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12 July 2014


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Gary, I want to reassure you that you are not alone in your assessment of the impact of modern information and communication technology (ICT).

ICT has become a tremendous forum for a great deal that is selfish, venal, cruel, contemptible, banal and just plain stupid.

But, before we all lapse into utter despondency about the state of humanity, we also need to remember that ICT is a facilitator of a great deal that is humane, altruistic, intelligent, enlightening, educational and even meaningful.

This very forum upon which you in PNG and many people scattered around the world are having a hopefully intelligent conversation, is surely an example of the good side of ICT?

All human technologies prove to be two edged swords. Poor Alfred Nobel honestly thought that his great invention (dynamite) was so powerful and terrible that it would end warfare. The prize named after him is his attempt to make amends for his terrible error in judgement.

We must not despair. All that we see or hear via ICT is never the whole story, only part of it.

For every opinionated fanatic or moron given a voice on the internet, there are many more people quietly working to make our world a better place.

We must all hope that the latter ultimately prevail over the former.

Thank you Gary, very true, sadly! It is called "selfishness".

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