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20 July 2014


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Maybe the reason for the " Gardener" not being there was that it only had a budget of K29 Million and there were no Chinese contractors involved.

Thank you for this blog. I am so glad that others are having their say via various media. It was a great success.

Some people were afraid to come here but once they decided to get on that plane and fly to Port Moresby they couldn't believe how unnecessarily they'd been led to believe that this was not a place for anyone including fair maidens from across the Pacific and Asia where Melanesians reside in the millions.

PNG rolled out the Melanesian 'red carpet' as only they would and it was a great success.

Of course there are lessons to be learnt but all in all a great time was had by all. The two deaths, one from the Solomon Islands and one from Fiji, were attributed to natural causes.

If there is anything to be improved I'd say time keeping and a better publicity.

I took a lot of photos of traditional cultural groups which I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to do so - but thanks to the 5th Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture which brought other parts of PNG closer to those of us who reside in the capital city in a space of two weeks.

Thank you once again for a great blog post.

I was there and it was all aesthetic. The Gardener winces, maybe because the funds for the festival must not have been expended on his business partners.

The Hon Minister had all the power and authority to step in even before the event started.

Where has he been all this time until the event is over? It does not make sense now because its already too late.

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