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30 July 2014


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David's observation is real. Millions of years ago, our ancestors in Kalahari used fire as a means to bond relationships (

Is this one way of forging peace and harmony within families and communities?

I don't think you can change the inevitable.

"When I was a kid" is an oft-repeated refrain. But when I was a kid growing up in the NSW bush we made our own entertainment.

Shooting eels at night in the creek, riding the farm horse, swimming down the river to the lake, talent nights at the local church, actually having friends around for dinner then watching a slide show, having a bonfire and singing songs.

But as my French friend Nick would say "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

We change one habit for another. Who is to say which is better?

Maybe the best bet is to choose the best from both worlds.

Thank you all for your compliments and the encouragement. In fact I feel empowered!

"Careless curiosities vs careful custodianship."

The changes of social behaviour that you so elegantly describe are occurring around the globe.

Looking at the rapidly evolving situation in PNG positively, it is a good thing that many PNG people are eager adopters of new technology and through this activity opening up opportunities for beneficial engagement with the greater world that they are a valuable part of.

However this engagement needs to be carefully balanced with retaining the positive and meaningful aspects of traditional culture and identity.

That balance requires people such as you who bridge multiple worlds to help those around them to understand and appreciate the value of their unique heritage.

Local identity with global engagement is a good thing.

David - Great move here to write about your culture and heritage.

Sil Bolkin has done it, Bomai Witne and many others are recording a piece of their historical heritage and culture.

I would strongly encourage you to write about them, and record them.

Very true David. not only in Tarawai but other parts of Papua New Guinea as well.We have been strongly influenced by the western culture.But the question is, where will our future be like in ten or twenty years time?

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