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01 July 2014


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Robin - Deng's observation do apply to PNG and there are PNG writers that need to talk about their side of the story.

Change is unavoidable and imminent and I am only looking at my Solomon island of Bougainville experience as I see it; heard it from people, and even advocating it.

We as the Bougainville people have so many problems to deal with and a few of us try to 'think out' directions or make a few educated guesses for people to see the realities that we face so as to make new changes on our island.

Yep, Barbara did that fine for a Sepik man to think about that and work towards streamlining his homeland so that he does not lose his values.

You're probably right about western cultures, Robin.

When I look at my own bailiwick, I see the Irish culture trivialized and commercialized. It seems that a culture is worth preserving in our globalized world if a profit can be made out of it.

What passes for Celtic culture these days, Riverdance and all that crap, doesn't resemble in any way the culture that my father knew.

I can see the same thing happening to Aboriginal culture in Australia.

If you want to preserve your culture you must avoid this trap.

Good read Leonard.

Do you think also that Deng's observations might also be equally applicable to PNG generally.

I'd go so far as to say that western cultures too are falling foul of the kind of rot and decay experienced in Bougainville though on another level.

There is emerging, globally, a divide betwixt cultural preservation adherents, and new-breed aficionados of the agendas of governance and business leading to a New World Order.

Barbara alluded to this recently in mentions of difficulties in the Sepik region of late.

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