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11 July 2014


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Truly honoured to be included in this anthology. Thank you KJ and Team. EP

Keith and Phil - You have started a journey for many that will take them into many unexplored areas of their lives and the environment and people around them.

Sky is the limit...but then again beyond the skies the universe has no limits.

I am so thrilled to be a part of this event. It's not about what's in it, it's the love of doing something you're passionate about that matters. I am so honoured to be a part of this family.

Keith, you a working very hard to get this stuff done ahead of time.

I am really amazed to see Simbus are contributing a lot in the Crocodile prize. Congratulations Simbu writers.

Thank you all you great people involved in putting together all these papers from around PNG! Must be quite a job.

Once again, Keith and Phil, yutupla strongpla man tru.

I am so thrilled to see that you are publishing 5 of my short stories. Thank you so much.

A total surprise! I never thought my contribution will go this far in the anthology. Thanks.

Can't wait to grab a copy of that.

Many thanks to those behind the wheel!

Thanks Keith. I am thrilled at the growing interest in literature, writing and publishing in PNG.

Thanks to all the contributors and the supporters and most importantly the enablers, people like Keith who take time to maintain the momentum. Thanks again!

Very well done. Dispela pukpuk emi gat plenti moa tit.

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