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18 June 2014


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Leaders blaming leaders about mismanagement, corruption, code of conduct and the rest goes on.

We are tired of the blaming game, come on representatives or the voice of the people please we just want honesty in every acts.

As a developing country, we want to progress, the people in the very remote parts of PNG don't want to be stagnant in development, they want to move forward too in development.

A real leader will serve others first and let its self in the darkness until others are being served.

So please Papua New Guineans in authority, stop the "blaming" and "finger pointing" game and open the door for transparency that will lead to progress in more development.

Belden Namah is absolutely the last possible person we should look to as being a leader of ethics or honesty.

Where did he manage to earn so many millions of kina in so short of time such that he could lose tens of thouands of Australian dollars in frenzied all night gambling at the Sydney Star Casino?

Where did he get his 2012 campaign war chest of over K15 million?

Belden Namah comes from the same stock as Peter O'Neill. As Papua New Guineans we must start to open our eyes and see that we are constantly being manipulated by the worst possible people who have learnt how to say the best possible thing.

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