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25 June 2014


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Dear Sam, I was one of those who express caution on your trip to Australia. I am concerned that we have some very shrewd people in our opponents who are earnestly waiting for an opportunity to bring us down and maximizing their gain.

Hence your trip to Australia provided a perfect opportunity for doing that.... For example they might accuse you of treason even though we all know it's not true.

If they can discredit ITFS in a single lie repeated several times in the media to influence public opinion, then we can't undermine their capability to take extraordinary measures to protect themselves.

The PM appears hell-burnt on maintaining his power, hence will take extraordinary measures to protect his interests.

The majority of our people are behind you Sam.

Here in Simbu we held our demonstration yesterday. For your information, the grassroots of Simbu are prepared to block off the Highlands Highway if Peter O'Neill does not step down and let justice prevails.

You are the brain and the mouthpiece of the silent and illiterate majority of our people who are dead sick and tired of corruption.

Don't give up. Keep your head up and keep fighting. Justice will eventually prevail.

Thumbs up for you Sam.. Keep fighting for Justice.

Sam - I watched you on the ABC TV 7.30 Report on Monday night. You conducted yourself with much decorum and dignity. Salute.

You stand tall, Sam Koim.

Well said, Sam.

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