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19 June 2014


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Bloody good comment Michael! When are you publishing the Dom Manifesto?

more to the above...

By develop: creation of community based political groups; growing youth leadership development programs; facilitating interaction with working class voters; garnering support from lobby groups in business and agricultural and commercial industry and etcetera.

Believe me Papua New Guinea, no matter what the fucked up politicians of yesteryears have fooled you into believing, your vote is still free and your choice is still powerful.

Let’s put an end to this sad chapter of our history. People like Peter O’Neill who call themselves leaders will be dead before the next two decades have passed. Papua New Guinea has a lifespan longer than that, so we can still make a change for the better.

Sam Koim is doing an excellent job. But he may be alone despite the support on social media and some public support.

Besides the rumblings of dissatisfaction by those on the social media and by the public, Papua New Guineans have demonstrated a 'remarkable tolerance' for high levels of government corruption (Parakgate et al, 2010), illegality (O'Namah et al, 2011), inaction (Leniata et al, 2012).

The Executive arm of government overrules the Legislature and continues to flaunt its powers in the face of the Judiciary. In some instances the judiciary has been suspected of collusion with certain parties in criminal court cases. (And PNG lawyers, well they’re a mixed bag of mostly bad apples – they even say this themselves out of earshot of their colleagues.)

Even the hallowed Royal office of the Governor General has failed its true objective - to provide a clear voice of conscience for government to rule with a good will and for the good of the people.

The GG does not have to agree with the Executive: merely stating an objection before getting fired from the post would gain us an immediate international spotlight. (Heck, the GG gets a lifetime salary, so what's the loss?). One can disagree with someone and still serve them a cup of tea.

Mind you, it was O’Neill who gave Sir Ogio the job, so that argument is unlikely.

What O'Neill needs to do now is put in place his own selected judges and police personnel, which in addition to having one of his own men in the Defence Force, would provide him with rule over the armed forces.

Then using the ugly brute force of supporters and most likely his Southern Highlands people and combined with the economic fist of the LNG, my darkest suspicion is that O'Neill intends to be Papua New Guineas first dictator, or something similar to it, if indeed he is not already an acting-dictator.

So what of the PNC party?

Party politics in PNG is better termed 'petty politics': nothing changes on the ground despite major economic developments; hence politics has done little for its purpose, the welfare of the people.

Thus with the might of LNG behind him and the money of his unproven-corrupt gains, it has been reasonably easy for O’Neill to sway members of his PNC entourage. They already make up the majority in the Executive and in the Legislative parliament. The Opposition is almost vacant.

And what about the people?

Some call for the PNG equivalent of an Arab Spring.

Those of us in the social media will soon find out how powerful this particular resource can be. We may also find out what social media cannot do.

Remember that PNG acquiesced to the O'Namah take over, so what is to say that an O'Neillien dynasty or 'Southern Islands State' is a farfetched notion?

Moreover, a democratic movement which results in an uprising needs alternative leadership, not a government per se, but leadership which the people collectively and in majority perceive as being worthier and more desirable.

We don't have this alternative at the moment. In 2011 we chose what we thought was the lesser of two evils. Or at least we were fooled into thinking we chose. Now we think that we are being offered the same choice again. I doubt it.

In my opinion what PNG really needs to do is something that may be considered impossible: wipe the slate clean. The entire current political leadership needs to go.

This is not to say that an uprising requires taking to the streets in protest and demonstration.

The best way to launch an uprising is by practicing our democratic right to develop, support and elect new leadership.

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