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22 June 2014


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I have been told certain police are getting paid an extra K600-700 a day to do what O'Neill wants.

The police who accept bribes are just as corrupt as it is alleged the prime minister is.

The police are there to arrest people who break the laws. They can evidently be bought for K600-700 a day.

What hope is there for justice?

Who made them the Members?
It was us, you must remember.
Who buried the morals?
It was us gave them the shovel.
Who marred the ethics?
It was us ignored the critics.
Who made them the leaders?
It was us let go the tethers.
Who made them chiefs?
It was us who faked beliefs.
Who made them heroes?
It was us hid the horrors.
Who stalled swift justice?
It was us for political peace.
Who challenged the courts?
It was us took it as sports.
Who changed the law?
It was us gave them the floor.

Where are the Members?
They hide in their chambers.
Where are the morals?
They made Parliament a brothel.
Where are the ethics?
They play Peter’s petty politics.
Where are the leaders?
They fake their laurels.
Where are the chiefs?
They cause us grief.
Where are the heroes?
They give us sorrows.
Where is swift justice?
They fired the police.
Where is the court?
They hired lawyers to rort.
Where is the law?
They changed it before.

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