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10 June 2014


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Thanks Keith. And wakai....

Bomai great yarn! You realise people are the same everywhere you go.

And Bro Tine, if it is not a big deal, I would like to have your email address if you are still in Dublin. I would like Keith to pass it to me if it is OK with you.

I don't have it, John. I'm sure Bomai can assist you - KJ

Thanks Bomai Witne for compiling this story. It is well written and resonates well with many of us. I got to know Ivo in Dublin before he returned to PNG to collect data for his PhD research.

While he was still in Ireland, we'd meet once in a while to chat over a pint. It was good for for him to polish his Pidgin and I also got to speak to a European who speaks Pidgin flawlessly.

We had great moments like that over the famous Irish Guinness and on a couple of occasions. I recall the people in the pub listening to our conversation and were marvelling what kind of language were we conversing in.

They didn't understand how a brown man and a Caucasian talking in a strange language that has English words but still didn't make any sense to them. We just just laughed at their bemusement.

During the time Ivo was in PNG, he played a pivotal role in various ways to help others. That ranged from providing information and assistance to my family members as well as those around them.

Ivo is a good communicator, a great ambassador for Germany and a perfect role model for others to aspire to. He communicates well and has the capacity to understand and comprehend which is a key skill in living with other cultures.

Thank you bro Ivo (Yalwai) for everything you have done for me and my family. Mere words of thanks are inadequate to express our gratitude.

Another good story featuring the University of Goroka.

Could this be the beginning of healthy competition between the tertiary institutions of PNG with academics and students promoting the stories of their respective seats of learning?

I hope this is so.

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