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03 June 2014


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The National newspaper in last Friday’s edition reported that Steamships had jumped on the sponsorship bandwagon for the 2015 Pacific Games as gold sponsor through its subsidiary Coral Sea Hotels.

Steamships thus became the thirteenth entity to sponsor the Pacific Games.

The Games Organising Committee’s chief executive officer Peter Stewart, speaking of the sponsorship said, “Its (Steamships) support to the Games through this sponsorship shows the company’s continued commitment to serving the country through an event of national importance.”

Some may see the sponsorship as an act of goodwill but to me it is nothing more benevolent than a predictable stratagem of face saving.

The decision for the sponsorship came about at the time the company was under a torrent of denunciation by social media users led by the organisers of the Crocodile Prize after the company reneged on its promised sponsorship of the short story award at the last minute and without giving any reason.

If it was a benevolent show of corporate responsibility towards community interest, it could have done it at a different time. Why it didn’t come on board at the earlier stages and be among the first five or 10 companies of sponsors than this late and when it had lost its face for not honouring its commitment to the Crocodile Prize which is also a national event of importance?

The announced sponsorship is simply a scheme to amend its self inflicted corporate-community relationship credibility damage and as such the act does not speak corporate ethics, responsibility and nobility.

I always preferred BPs anyway: it was, I believe, a Queensland company.

My dear Peter - I come not too far from Lisnure, North Antrim - the estate of the late George McCartney - the first British ambassador to China of Scottish extraction.

The amount of historical manuscripts still existing would surprise you.

The Earls estate was dissipated by his nephew, and was eventually sold up.

If they wish to sue a 71 year old Aussie Ulsterman they will need lot of luck. For as God is my witness, I will give them plenty of grief.

I see that they have a bean counter by the name of Dunlop in their employ in PNG.

I claim my lines decent from Mac Duinnsleibhe of Ulidia, (Ulster), the Irish descendants of the origins of the "Scoti" (from about the 5th century AD).

I omitted the statement by King James VI of Scotland & 1st of England.... 'I have to be very careful of the Irish, For I am descended from them.'

The then French King concidered King James the wisest fool in Christendom.

I sure do have a lot of time on my hands for in depth research.

Careful William, they sued someone 14 years ago for claiming that - even thought the historical evidence is pretty convincing (along with Jardines).

Oh dear me I omitted the tea trade back to Blighty from Cathay paid for by the opium addicts habit [living hell] ruining thousands and thousands of Chinese lives and reaping enormous profits for Swires.

And Fred Archer was talking about the Bloody Pirates, BP's. Shows how tame they really were in PNG.

Robin, if as you suggest, they expected voices that subscribe to their world view they should have encouraged the PNG elite they employ to write for the Prize.

I'm sure their lackeys would have done a good job in the Queen's English.

Ruthless opium magnets originally.

Yep, Swires is one of the oldest London-based China trading houses, going way back to the 18th century, originally started in Liverpool.

They've had their fingers in a lot of pies over the years. Real Joseph Conrad material.

Shame they took their finger out of our pie - KJ

In the old days, such a turnaround would indicate the "old-boys-club" had pandered to suggestions from admin that certain figures needed to be taught a lesson: not to be that li'l bit uppity.

It is probably a measure of how much this literary initiative is actually doing to influence public opinion across the country.

You all need to know that Steamships is just about wholly owned by Swires, the Hong Kong pommy [English] conglonerate.

Started by Captain Fitch, developed by Mr A J Crisp, matured under Mr H D 'Dell' Underwood. All Aussies. Good men true.

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