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20 June 2014


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O'Neill uses PM title in power to play political tactics to safeguard himself from the recent evidence presented. No one escapes from the law and his deliberate denial is a sin against man and God. Let justice prevail.

O'Neill's days are numbered. Don Polye and James Marape know more than anyone else and, now that O'Neill and Polye are on the opposite poles, the time is ripe for Polye to spill it all and the truth will eventually come out. O'Neill will not escape.

One must assume that there are many wealthy and powerful people in private business and public service involved in fraudulent government transactions so that the system is already rigged.

These cases will never be heard in court until the people in government are utterly removed.

And we thought public private partnership was a new idea?

And it is probably worth remembering the important report that prompted this whole saga, the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance (

There are many other prominent individuals censured in this damning report, one of the key people in fact now works in an Australian university.

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