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18 June 2014


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Just three letters for you. NPF....

Imagine, O'Neill replaced Kerenga Kua with Ano Pala, the controversial former AG who previously unilaterally awarded citizenship to the Indonesian Fugitive Joko Tjandra even though he did not meet the criteria.

O'Neill said he wanted a full investigation into the awarding of this citizenship certificate but he never did.

Later he proclaimed that Joko Tjandra is a citizen of this country.

Now the PM dives to reappoint Ano Pala as the AG - makes one intellectual wonder where O'Neill got his university degree in Accounting!

He just cannot debit and credit.

Just on SBS World News; PM O'Neill has stated that his actions were in the interest of government stability.

What an insult to the intelligence of Papua New Guineans!

Its definitely going to spoil the State of Origin game 2 tonight! That's on a more lighter side of things.

Mr Kua you are leader by right and God is watching your every step. There is no man above the God almighty, so what the PM doing is another childish game that he played for his own political survival.

To tell you the fact is that PM days are numbered and very soon he will be facing the full force of law of this land.

We will still pray and up hold you and the other leaders who had heart for the people of this great nation that gone to take lead in to next level.

God is looking for another Joshua to lead his people into the land of milk and honey so look up and seek your God`s face to know tomorrow's plan.

We the people of Sine Sine Yongomugl applaud the potential and leadership of Kerenga Kua, who was sidelined by the so called and desperate leader protecting his personal interest and not for PNG.

Kerenga Kua - we are morally at your back, since you took a plain and bold stand not to defend the ill and corrupt deeds of Mr O'Neill.

We salute you, so pursue for justice to take its course. You are the next PM of this nation.

Sad for PNG politics. People in authority acting on a reactive basis mostly for their own benefit.

When will we all serve Papua New Guinea with honesty to move Papua New Guinea forward. Are we going to achieve Vision 2050 when there are divisions in the higher authority?

Are we going to implement all the other so called developed policies if there are so many changes of positions in the higher authority?

We all need to think about this and very importantly the people in authority need to act in an orderly way!

Time and again I have spoken of Ali Baba and his
band of thieves. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Who amongst the judiciary and the body politic has the balls to
return PNG to proper Westminster democracy?

The PNG people's rights through their political representatives is being hijacked by a power hungry prime minister.

We need to put an end to this type of leadership.

We the people of PNG have the right to make sound decisions on matters concerning our country through our leaders.The people must wake up now and put a stop to this.

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