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23 June 2014


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It is becoming quite hard to distinguish between truth and propaganda and whether twisted motives also have an invisible hand in all these charade.

Irrespective of what the PM is alleged to have done, for the first time in this country we are seeing roads, bridges, schools,hospitals, etc being built and delivered.

The country is changing and Port Moresby city is also changing for the better because of good polices developed and implemented by this government.

This is the unchallengeable truth every citizen should appreciate.

In the current saga we need to rationalise things and keep a tight lid on emotions, influences from people with political interests and twisted motives.

Let's just allow the wheels of justice to roll but not the kind of twisted justice we have come to witness lately.

Institutions of State are dealing with the saga so we all citizens need to be mindful of our actions that may contribute to further chaos and mayhem which is the last things we want.

God bless PNG and our leaders.

Well I may be cynical, but forensic handwriting evidence based on a photocopy, analysed in another country by a company employed by the defendants will not look good in court.

I'm no apologist for O'Neil, but I think they have to do better than this.

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