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23 June 2014


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Whether Peter O'Neill is adhering to the law or not can only be determined by a court of law. This is what the Fraud Squad and other corruption busters are pursuing, however how can that happen when O'Neill is employing every possible scheme to evade it?

We can make our own analysis and assumptions based on the information available and the events that are unfolding but whether O'Neill is following the law is for the court to determine.

But on the whole all leaders and governments are supposed to be operating within the confines of the laws of the land and I sincerely hope this is happening in PNG.

Well, you've got a point here, Ian. This is supposed to be the way not only for O'Neill and PNG but any other leader and government worldwide be heading and adhered to - but it isn't happening here in PNG.

And mind you, James Marabe in collaboration with O'Neill are seeking the court to legalise the illegal and fraudulent payment. This is how worst it is and I wish justice prevails very very soon before the worst unfolds.

Once the standard becomes the politician's character, like whether he is truthful, instead of the relatively objective standard of whether he is obeying the law, then we have a loose association, not a state of law.

Is that the right direction for PNG?

Francis's plain and explicit remarks mean Peter O'Neill continuously and deliberately denied the issue. O'Neill should be vacating the office and brought to justice. Well expressed!

He's following in the grand tradition of Somare & son !

Em nau

Well said, Francis. I'm sure you are echoing the thoughts of more than a few of your fellow citizens

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