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30 June 2014


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Congratulations to Jim Drekore for his efforts on the SWA

That's the idea Phil, after the PNGSWEP was a fail I decided to form SWA. We'll see which province will follow suit.

I'm starting to think that setting up writers' associations in each province is the way forward for PNG literature.

Setting up a central organization in Port Moresby is just too big an ask.

One of the most respected news organisations in the world - the BBC - has a College of Journalism. It's aim is to help train and mentor aspiring journalists and commentators, and to this it has established a college of expertise.

At first it was intended as in-house training, then it expanded to any UK students, but now has been made available to anyone world-wide. Free of charge for the next 12 months.

This is an important educational resource. It covers mainstream journalism, Internet reporting, radio and TV, and social media. It could be of value to communications studies students, web bloggers, aspiring writers and boring old amateurs like me.

Worth a look.

Yes, Leonard, it would be good to see a Bougainville Writers Association. Let's see if other provinces can take the challenge on board.

Jimmy - Dreaming to move along your model when I am finished with DWU and settle down well in Bougainville.

Just a dream.

Thank you Keith for the compliments and mentioning of the Simbu Writers Association (SWA).

SWA is slowing sending out roots and we are starting with schools in Simbu. We are trying to generate an interest in reading and writing and its good to see our students taking it with enthusiasm.

We look forward to a fruitful and an exciting 2015 should we bring the beast up to Simbu.

On this note, on behalf of SWA, I thank you Keith and Phil Fitzpatrick for your tireless efforts in this endeavour - regenerating the Crocodile Prize interest and setting up the COG team, well done.

Congratulations to all the writers who have entered the 2014 Crocodile Prize; no doubt the 2014 Croc Prize Award is set to be the biggest event yet.

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