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22 June 2014


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The public testimonials speak for themselves. I had the great privilege of interviewing Sam back in 2012.

At that time he was accused of being O'Neill's political attack dog - untrue! - going after the ousted Somare regime. Rather ironic given the current situation, and a testament to Sam's impartial character.

There were, and are, so many reasons to be impressed by Sam. First, I couldnt believe his age; young, but mature beyond his years, and with such an onerous responsibility.

Also a strategic thinker to the core, he knows how the investigative and prosecutorial process will be corrupted, and has put in place the necessary firewalls to protect the sanctity of due process.

Sam is also transparent and smart; he does things properly, and looks to be entirely auditable.

Finally, I was struck by Sam's intensely moral character; he genuinely struck me back in 2012 as a man not motivated by power, or money, but a genuine desire to cut the rot, slowly and strategically, from the political edifice.

KJ, perfectly said, "Mr O’Neill smacks of a malicious, McCarthyist style campaign to denigrate a man whose efforts to contain corruption in PNG have met with great approval not only in his own country but globally".

Worrying times, Sam deserves so much better than this for his service to the country.

Thank you for all your editorial work today, Keith. You saved me a lot of work. I've been watching stunned by all that is going on "behind the scenes." The Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum is appreciating your articles. Facebook is an amazing "animal" - like an octopus with hundreds of tentacles.

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