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25 June 2014


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Not sure about taking over the world or even PNG Phil.

Just to add a comment that political compromise will be both about sorting out rifts within the State institutions – legal, police etc as well as balancing the various ethnic and provincial affiliations/interests in PNG. And to highlight this, today’s PNG Post courier ( has the following story on response from Chimbu province where a number of the prominent players in the PNG “Game of Thrones” hail from.
This group is based in Kundiawa the provincial centre of Chimbu province and the key political leverage here is the threat to close down the Highlands Highway. An equally serious and high impact threat (as the LNG)
The article reads: “…The people of Chimbu have given an ultimatum of 48 hours to Peter O’Neill to resign as Prime Minister.
In a protest rally in Kundiawa yesterday they threatened to block the Highlands Highway as of tomorrow afternoon if Mr O’Neill failed to resign or step aside to allow police to interview him on the K71.8 million Paul Paraka payout.
The people, led by pressure group Voice Of Chimbu, also called on the Prime Minister to consider reinstating Sir Tom Kulunga, Simon Kauba, Kerenga Kua, Thomas Eluh and Sam Koim, and the Task Force Sweep…”

And in the meantime police appear to be struggling to contain momentum for public protest but we wait and see how the day unfolds.

O'Neill is simply a pawn in a plot by the Hulis to take over PNG?

I always thought that they would take over the world. I suppose PNG is a small step on the way.

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