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01 June 2014


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Father Giorgio, I doubt if there is anyway that the Internet can be controlled. Parents have to teach their children that the Internet is full of bad things as well as good things, as is the world in general.

But where there is a common language, like English, the messages can be read or heard by English speaking children. Also photographs can speak a thousand words.

I think the people of PNG who are running these many social media sites on the Internet, often created by Facebook, are doing a very good job and try to control the types of comments and the language used. There is great scope here for the Christian churches to set up their own sites.

I've found that I can go onto sites all over the world and listen to the great preachers of the world. Youtube is fascinating with many wonderful short films with many "positive messages".

It is certainly making the world a much smaller place. People can learn about other countries and their people and cultures and religions and customs and that is wonderful. It leads to understanding and acceptance that we may be different in natures but underneath it all we are all just human beings, created by God, with similar needs and wants.

Phil - yep I'm, guilty as charged. But I reckon movies are now a common language that most people can relate to (especially since the advent of Youtube) whereas in the past we might have quoted a poem or a work of literature.

Try The Sapphires :)

Here's Chris making a fool of himself.

And Jessica struttin' her stuff.

Ooops - first link was wrong. But Anna Russell is well worth watching. Should have been -

Peter Kranz likes to cite movies when he makes a point. I guess in this case the simplistic "dark side", as portrayed in the Star Wars movies, is what is at work on the Internet.

By that I just don't mean the pornography that upsets the wowsers among us; porn has its good sides as well as its bad after all.

What I mean are the propagandists pushing their lines of subversion, be it the neo-conservatives or the anarchists and far-left diehards.

I'm an atheist, have been since I was seven or eight, but this pope strikes me as a good man. If he can make the world a better place by getting people of all persuasions talking with each other instead of trying to blow each other up I'm with him all the way.

Yeah... unfortunately the Evil one or call him/her whatever way you wish to is in control of a good number of websites that strongly challenge the fifth, the sixth, the seventh and a bit also all other commandments as we know them from the Jewish-Christian tradition; but probably very much similar anywhere else and for all men and women of good will.

Indeed the Evil works through human mind and heart. If I may express a wish, let us join forces that good people with positive messages have 'moral' control of the Internet. Especially for the good of our younger ones.

God bless you Phil Fitzpatrick, and keep you from the Evil One.

I didn't know Satan was on the net Barbara.

Do you have her email address? I'd like to discuss a couple of things with her.

Ever since I was invited to join the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum I have been thrilled at the way it has provided me with the opportunity to renew my friendships with my former Sepik students at Brandi High and with their families.

When I left PNG in 1983 I thought I just had to let you all get on with running the country yourselves. I had done my bit to educate you. But now you were like teenagers who had to be left to do your own growing up.

But in about 2005, about 20 years later, I started to make contact with my old Keravat students when I started writing my book on the history of Keravat NHS.

This was done by email and some incredible conversations took place. I would ask someone in Lae a certain question and a person in northern England, whom I had never met, would send an email to me and provide the answer.

I felt God was in charge many a time. I felt very blessed.

I think the Pope must have also had some experiences like mine, and, although we know Satan is alive and well on the Internet, it is also something that can be very blessed and used by God for His purposes.

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