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10 June 2014


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I am a local villager and to my very concerned about Taifu 101 which was sunk near Tingwon island and has caused a lot of problems for us the people living on the island.

Sea is the major supply for the people living on that island..

After the ship as sank no immediate attention was given to the locals.. The vessel went down with a full tank of oil which causes environmental damage to the surrounding island.

Locals were not able to fish because the oil in the ship has created pollution. Some of the locals were not aware of what was going so they are the sea food and got very ill.

But luckily enough there was a nursing sister who gave awareness quickly and save lives of the locals. Up until now only a little help was given and the innocent villages are still suffering.

But, seriously, what about the illegal entry of Tai Fu 101 PNG Licensed fishing per seiner into the customary fishing ground and grounded ashore the reef of Tingwon island on New Hanover, Kavieng, New Ireland Province on the 11/12/11.

That very case has left unattended to up until today. who will be held accountable. when are the resource owners going to be compensated in full.

I placed this article and Ron Kone's comment on the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum on Facebook.

Keith Angen has recently commented - Thank you for this article. I am a fisheries observer under seasonal employment contract from the National Fisheries Authority.

Because of this concern my job becomes crucial. People like me spend time on PNG licenced fishing vessels to collect scientific and compliance data for the fisheries scientist and managers.

Commercial fishing vessels are prohibited to fish within 12 nautical miles from any shore line. As fisheries observers we keep a watchful eye on that part. Vessels will get prosecuted if they breach that part. So I can only say things are being taken care of.

This report speaks volumes.

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