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10 June 2014


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Kone, this menterung is a kind of tree that is similar to a fire plant. We dry their cut-offs in the mantelpiece or burn them in the fire and retrieve the ashes for cooking.

Buraang on the other hand grows in the small streams and we eat it raw or dry it in the mantelpiece again. Of the two, buraang is much saltier and good for salting food.

Menterung has the quality of making food really soft, especially meat.

Thanks Leonard for this piece. When I read about Bougainville, it is synonymous to innovation. Yes Bougainnovation!

From copra-based fuel to everything. The traditional plants you've mentioned are gold to any food chemist or ecologist to rehabilitate/reclaim saline soils.

Maybe we should find a way to establish a salt making factory somewhere there for production in Bougainville.

(Giaman tingting tasol.)

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