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19 June 2014


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And, now, Phil: OLI GARCH...

Back in the dark ages when I was a kiap there was a popular saying about, among others, local politicians: "Oli kam, oli bagarap,oli go".

Bomai - read my post here

We should no longer look for salvation within a system that is so evidently corrupt. That's doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Rather, we need to use our own rights and powers to put the people we want, the good leaders we want, into politics.

PNG has been too lax, too accepting of the status quo of leadership development and aspiration.

We think we are following the Melanesian Way of leadership, but in truth we are not.

In fact it may be suggested that O'Neill has succeeded because of Western ideas, whereas in a Melanesian Highlands State, he would be have been an outcast, of little power, authority or wealth.

That's not to say that the Western idea of democracy is at odds with Melanesian custom.

Leadership begins its roots at the community level, just the same in complex modern politics as in village politics. It is a human contstruct and therefore has a social reality.

What we have failed to do is to forge and then embrace a structure that reflects our social reality.

We are letting what will be, to be, and in political leadership that is very dangerous. Even our ancestors new this, for why do you think we had strict customs about appropriate behaviour towards leadership?

We have let it all go to rot.

We need to replant the seeds for developing leadership at community level.

Yumi Papua Niugini mas pasim dispela giaman rot we ol lida i wok long wokabaut long em stap.

Yumi Papua Niugini mas wok bung wantaim long stretim gutpela rot bilong ol niupela lida long wokabaut.

Dispela wok em ino wok bilong gavamen, ol i bagarap pinis.

Dispela wok em i wok bilong yumi ol pipol; em i pasin tumbuna bilong olgeta hap graun, na em i gutpela pasin long pait wantaim birua i stap pinis insait long Hausman bilong yumi.

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