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02 June 2014


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I salute you anonymous benefactor. Your kindness is the manna at the critical moment. You are a true good Samaritan. Your help is an inspiration and a motivator for PNG writers. Thank you very much.

Shame ... shame and great shame on you fat cats of Steamies for your detestable and mendacious act.

Thank you anonymous benefactor. The 'pious' self-righteous Christians in PNG, including the converts and multi-national corporations, give grand speeches and cat-walks in the public and media.

You did the opposite but in line with the biblos (bible) and the footsteps left behind by a man that chose to ride on a donkey instead of a black stallion some 2,000 years ago that we claim to follow up here.

An eye opener for the chest-beating Christians, obese priests, pastors, politicians and business communities like Steamships. Thanks.

Steamsip bai kam good ya. Em nau ino taim bilong em. Wet pastaim nau yet em no gat loose sens. Taim em gat millions long account bilong em, em bai gat loose sens nau yumi klokodail bai igat sampela wan toea. Nau yet em gat kina tasol. Wet istap isi isi na dai isi isi.

Mi tok gen ol kampani ino luksave long ol lain bilong rait long PNG long wonem igat planti asua insait long rait bilong yumi. lukim long niuspepa na ol grammar bilong ol repota i luk olsem tokples bilong dog bilong ol.

Ol ripota long EMTV na redio ino save long ridim nius na yumi klokodail bai dai isi isi istap.

Stinsip O yu mas nogat na nogat loose sens nabaut long kabod bilong yu O. K10,000 em pinats long yu ya.

Mipela krai long pipia moni na yu laikim mipela kam long yu wantaim prea na danis. Tasol tenk yu wanpela taim PNG bai bekim.

This is great news, thank you our anonymous friend for rescuing us
and spreading the literary flame to many Papua New Guineans.

What an encouragement from the unidentified donor.

History has recorded your deed.

A heartfelt thanks to our anon rescuer.

It is people like you who give value to our efforts in encouraging creativity in literature, arts and culture in which this country is so rich and diverse.

PNG certainly has good Aussie friends. Many thanks to the anonymous benefector

Sincere thanks to our anonymous benefactor.

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