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11 June 2014


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To be honest, I think the tussles between political power-brokers consumes far too much media attention. As far as the mine goes, and mining, around which this confrontation seems to be orbit, I'd be more interested in listening to the elders, the parents, the youth, who experienced the mine, the environmental damage, the conflict and the aftermath.

They know what they want and dont want; they have answers to the problems confronting their communities. However, these poignant answers are drowned out by these political tussles, by leaders who I suspect presume, without evidence, to know how their constituents feel and and what they want. But the time for paternalistic models of policy making and implementation are over; its time to listen and take serious the views of rural communities.

And if they happen to differ from current political wisdom on 'whats best' for mine affected communities, dismissing these views as ignorance is unhelpful (sadly this label has been used by certain politicians). The best teachers are those who experienced first hand the complex flow of history in the mine affected regions, with its often brutal consequences.

Momis is right about Miriori but his statements against Miriori have little kick because the words he uses are too mild.

Has John Momis ever heard of the word hypocrite? Why doesn't he use words that sting?

It is my view that Miriori is nothing more than a hypocrite who is trying his best to stuff his own pockets from the same kind of sources he criticises others for using.

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