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15 June 2014


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Leonard, a good piece. You're correct, AROB is one of, if not, the largest cacao producer. Unfortunately that is real.

It's also similar to Madang coffee. Some time ago, it was reported under Morobe coffee.

If AROB has all the statistics, something can be done about it so the small farmer gets a good proportion of the pie.

Fresh vegetables and fruit in Australia are perfect: size, colour and shape.

But personally I find the flavours less relishing than my home grown veggies and fruit.

Or maybe it's just me.

How does it help? It probably opens the door to GMO (genetically modified) foodstocks.

Barau tampara eh. Totally agreeing with the points presented in your piece of journalism.

Another factor that worsens the cocoa price for our local farmers is the involvement of too many middle persons between the farmer and the world market.

I believe if Bougainville can have a locally owned cocoa exporting company it can help a lot.

Better still if Bougainville can have its own chocolate factory our local farmers can realize better income from their cocoa produce.

Leonard - that's a good piece of journalism. I like the way you've used Erengona as an example.

I hope the Bougainville government can have the sense to establish a proper cocoa industry for small-scale farmers.

It seems to defy reason that the PNG government does so little to develop agriculture for small-scale farmers.

More recently an Israeli based company has set up a hydroponic vegetable farm in Central, to supply fresh veggies to the NCD market.

How does that help local growers?

How does that help local business?

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