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04 June 2014


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National and inter state security at stake

So what will be the price for restoring order from this chaos?

Maybe, Australia wants to keep PNG in a state of chaos to justify Australian Federal Police in PNG.

Whatever happens, those asylum seekers settled in PNG , with the help of Australia, will become a class of people well above the class of the standard PNGean.

This disparity will ignite citizens into acts of rebellion and terrorism.

Michael, a good suggestion.Thanks!

A very good essay Bernard. Have you submitted it as an opinion piece to the daily newspapers?

I think that would be a good thing to generate further public debate, as Phil suggests.

Having been to Manus recently one thing became obvious and that is that both the Australian and PNG governments are taking the asylum seeker situation one day at a time. It all seems to be a classic crisis management scenario.

I didn't speak to anyone who knew where or how the genuine refugees would be resettled. The best I got was the adamant view of the Manusians that they didn't want them on their island.

If there are plans in train it would be very useful if the two governments could share them with the people of the two countries. There needs to be a public debate, especially in PNG, about the issue.

Bernard's article is the first concrete evidence that I've seen that articulates the potential problems and the issues that need discussing.

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