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04 June 2014


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Still just thinking.

If more provinces were created that reflected better the tribal or ethnic divisions in PNG you would soon have the representative numbers to create a more relevant national parliament. Parliamentarians would truly have something to represent even.

Using PNG names would be a great psychological move too. Do away with the European names like 'Western' and 'Gulf' and use something that better reflects the region, 'Oro' for instance.

There's no reason that West Papua can't do the same thing - maybe one day they might think about uniting with PNG.

Because electorates follow district boundaries you wouldn't have to amend the electoral laws (I think?). So it could all be done using the present laws and constitution.

United States of PNG sounds too much like the USA and has unfortunate connotations but something similar, United Provinces or even United Peoples?

Independence will be a hard road for Bougainville. Maybe they would be comfortable being an Autonomous Province with a new name in such an arrangement?

Well done Bata Fong.

Hey Phil - how about an aggregate of nations?

United States of Papua New Guinea?

Maybe not a concrete brick, but more like a good rock wall.

All we need is the right cement mixture.

Phil, that is why I am promoting the Papuan identity. This was expressed in my essay on West Papua.

I know Leonard’s view is different and respect him for that.

That's a very succinct and sensible summary Leonard but it goes against the whole nationalistic movement in PNG.

However, I think you are dead right and I think what you say about Bougainville's future has lessons for other parts and provinces in PNG.

Trying to unite 800+ tribes seems to be a lost cause. Maybe it is time to think about a regional focus rather than a national one. Enga, Jiwaka and Hela seem to have gone that way.

A national parliament made up of representatives from an increased provincial base, maybe a male and female from each, could be a viable option.

Maybe Bougainville would also fit into such a model.

Tink tink tasol.

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