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05 May 2014


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It is my pleasure to write the first comment on this post, regarding our fight for consultation with our MP Mr. Richard Maru.

To my brothers and sisters who have not tired themselves from reading my posts on the SRDDF forum, thank you for standing firm and making all that noise.

Thank you to Maik Koimo and the Urimo landowners who put up protest banners and got arrested by Richard Maru's police. I hope the judge will be fair and reverse the sentences on those unruly cops.

Thank you for all our up and coming very aspiring debaters of Yangoru-Sausia and Sepik as a whole. Thank you to Benjamin Kedoga for an outsiders point of view.

Thank you to all those Yangoru -Sausia people who lost their homes and property when Richard Maru's police went on a rampage and caused great grief to my people.

The issue that now lies before us is the Oil Palm. And just when I was getting a bit worried that we might not be able to stop it because of the recent release of K10 million to Yangoru.

I received some really exciting news.

This afternoon, the former Member of Yangoru-Sausia filed a case against Richard Maru with the Ombudsman Commission and has just released a press statement.

Part of the reason being Wilmar will be the sole developer for the proposed 100,000 hectares oil palm project is registered under the current MPs name with the IPA.

I raise my glass to you Peter Wararu for perfectly timing it and giving us some hope, that we were not just blowing out hot air on the SRDDF forum, but it is actually going to be legally and formerly disputed.

If Richard Maru had been thinking that, he could easily brush us aside get into his helicopter and fly up to Yangoru avoiding the angry Sausia mob, he has another one coming.

Keep watching the forum and this space for more updates.
Ofa lahi atu.

In January this year many members of the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum on Facebook discussed the need to set up meetings in Port Moresby where they could neet each other and work together to help their province.

One said - I am very encouraged by the overwhelming support so far. We must remember that nothing happens without sacrifices so we must be ready to commit the two most important resources TIME and MONEY. We Sepiks have some of the greatest minds in this nation and it is a real shame that the full potential of these great minds may not be fully utilised, especially for the development and betterment of own HOME provinces. Please provide any alternative feedback you have to what I have suggested above about our proposed meeting in Pom. Let's keep interacting and keep the fire burning as we prepare for the meeting. God bless you all.

A small meeting has been held but the discussions and advice shared on the Facebook page should be valuable to any politician.

The elite Sepiks who get elected to government to represent electorates in both the East and West Sepik must listen to the educated Sepiks of the "middle class" who are the "working class" who pay the taxes and keep the country running. It is not good if they ignore their comments as they have so much knowledge and understanding to offer.

If the parliamentary members do ignore the educated "working class" it may lead them to think that corruption is involved.

At the moment many on the SRDDF blog feel the MP of Yangoru-Saussia is putting MONEY before PEOPLE, i.e. he is acting like a businessman, and only thinking of commercial interests and not truely representing the people of his electorate.

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