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13 May 2014


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"Unfortunately the wealth is not translating to tangible benefits on the ground. The standard of health and education in the province is among the lowest when compared to other provinces despite the financial contribution from Ok Tedi."

Potable drinking water in villages all along the Fly would be a good idea.

Last year a colleague of mine walked about a mile into the bush-gardens to wash at the base of some banana trees, where there was a little water of pool. They took back 500mL Coke bottles for other ablutions during the day - showered on a bottle a day. They also had to bring along their own supply of drinking water and ration it out.

Is this so normal that no one on patrol ever bothers to mention it?

Education is valuable for sure, so long as a child has survived, birth and childhood. But who counts the corpses in the bushes these days, ah?

Nogat moa kiap long singaut antap long ol gavman opisa long mekim gutpela wok halapim ikam long ol pipol, na olgeta Memba stap long Mosbi siti.

Ating yumi kisim indipendens long mekim nating laka.

Teachers and students at the four schools will be grateful, no doubt, for OTML's gifts which are worth, probably, around AUD10,000 all up (and possibly less) - very small change indeed for OTML. One hopes OTML will extend their largesse to all schools in the Western Province (and beyond perhaps) when the pilot project has been completed and evaluated.

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