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14 May 2014


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Geoff, if your an Aussie check your ancestors' background.

It appears the status of women in some parts of Melanesian society has not improved since independence.

I would assume Hahane that in your society husbands also still reserve the 'right'to physically punish their wives by virtue of the payment of bride price.

I would have that you would seek confirmation from a male family member before going to press, knowing that is the tradition in the melanesian culture. Dont be proud of this because I as the spokesperson for the family or even Jack,
was not consulted.

Thank you all for your comments. Though it may be words it is motivation to keep doing what I love

This is a very good story Diddie. It has all the elements that a well-told story should have. Maybe being a grandmother helps.

Tomorrow Keith is running an article that I wrote following several exchanges by email that I've had with writers submitting material to the Crocodile Prize.

In it I try to summarise the advice that I have been indiscriminately dispensing.

If I'd had your story to hand when I was writing the article I would have cited it as a good example of the writer's craft.

Whatever else you do, keep writing!

Thank you Diddie, for telling us your story. It is really heart-wrenching. You sound like a very strong woman and despite all that life has dealt you, you have remained positive and got on with the job of living and loving and helping others. You are amazing. God bless you.

Diddie - this is a deeply moving life story and well written. Well done and thank you for sharing it.

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