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24 May 2014


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PNG leaders are nasty and myopic in their dream to keep Bougainville under their wings and work to exploit, indoctrinate and finally ending the existence of a unique people in the Pacific.

In the 1998 Ulukalala Lavaka Ata work, The Bougainville Crisis and PNG-Australia Relations, we note the then Justice Minister of PNG, Bernard Narokovi rattling out in 1991 claiming that: 'There is no historical basis for Bougainville as an independent nation. Bougainville, like any other province, is a creation for convenience of administration. There is no such a tribe as Bougainville.'

Shameful talk.

Bougainville has foundation from the myth, example, Bakokora for which we are a people created by time in the Solomons and not in PNG.

Bougainville is not like any other PNG province. It was into PNG to finance PNG and it was different people culturally, geographically, ethnically and so on. And Bakokora points its place in the Pacific.

Bougainville does not exist in tribal grouping that fight each other all year round in PNG. We exist in clans and societies that are interconnected for sustenance as evident through Bakokora.

In Bakokora and many other untold myths of Solomon is a people ruined by colonization.

It is a nice story. A really nice story

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