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29 May 2014


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Dom and Keith - laikim yutupla. Bata Fong bai traim yet. Problem lo mi em skul na nau mi pinis. Mi no save.

Emi orait, yu save iet. Bai yu stap gut - KJ

Taim ino pinis yet Bata-Roka, ol sampela lain bai raitim stori na salim ikam, 30 June bai dua ipas.

I'll put a post on my fb page, "fewer entries = more chances to win or else the money (K5000) stays in the pot", something like that.

Have you Twittered it yet?

Not so fast, fiendish prize pot calculators. The Buk bilong Pikinini writers' workshop was held only in early May. That rumble you can hear in the distance is the sound of many fingers on keyboards. Last minute rush predicted - KJ

Dom-Barata, mi no save lo draw ya.

Beside I fear that since many ain't contributing, hopefully, I feel they would call off...Any suggestion?

I salute Michael's perceptions.
The word pictures you render are illustrating a familial setting that speaks well of values and affections that should be highly prized in ordered society.

I think this is a wonderful children's short story that would go nicely with some pictures.

You're a natural-born story teller - hence, methinks, the quiet nature; you are busy soaking it all in for the retelling.

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