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04 May 2014


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Barbara - I think I will try drawing. But I hate what I draw....

You have a point Phil.

Leonard will have to find a good illustrator to help him. Children love to look at pictures that illustrate the story.

That's a good point Barbara.

I've found that when I collect oral stories as part of the social mapping process, including legends, narrative and chronology are nowhere near as important as in European stories.

Quite often there is no moral involved and the story is not designed to explain how a particular practice or feature of the landscape came about.

To us Westerners a story without a moral is very strange indeed and what a lot of ethnographers do is impute a moral when there isn't one there. This is how Dreamtime stories get rendered into fairy tales.

It must be strange for kids in places like PNG, who are brought up on traditional stories, confronting imported texts from overseas when they go to school.

This is why it's so important to nurture a home-grown PNG literature I think.

My angle is probably Euro-centred. I was brought up on Grimms Fairy Tales and other stories usually with a moral to them to make bad children become good children. They put some fear of the devil into them but show how he can be beaten if you are brave etc.

Barbara-Oh, but this is how the tale was told to me since the childhood days and I think to let you readers to dig down deeper and get to the moral plate of it.

But I will try re-write these others taking the moral side of things.

Thanks Barbara for bringing the issue and my weak point from your angle. Thanks a lot.

Great lead up but surely you need to give us a bit more detail on the actual fight, and some gory details on how paaro died.
Then you need to tell us the consequences - his triumphal return etc. Then there is the moral to the tale ....

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