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04 May 2014


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How such porosity exists re the management of security begs the question: Is it sanctioned in some covert way.

It is not as if it hasn't happened elsewhere.

Coincidentally a revealing interview this week with a whistle blowing CIA pilot mirrors the footnote KJ made under Phil's comment.

Old story, resurrected for political spin. Morrison is an embarrassment.

And the only Nigerians involved are those promising $1,000,000 to those in the Liberal party who are willing to donate $100 dollars or so to Prince Abaidjah.

This from 2006:

Exactly what a helicopter ride over TI will resolve has yet to be determined.

Evidence of where the Nigerian connection comes in to this well known imbroglio has yet to be revealed as well.

Boots on the ground in Moresby don't seem to have provided any solution do they? Just millions of wasted dollars handing out free advice on how to modernise while its business as usual.

The fact that drug traffickers have been using the Torres Strait has been an open secret for at least the last 30 years.

Where does everyone think the high powered firearms in the highlands come from, out of thin air?

Yes, an issue we have covered many times previously in PNG Attitude - "guns up, drugs back", as the catchphrase goes - KJ

I don't doubt there may be some truth behind this. "New Guinea Gold" has been trafficked into far north Queensland for a generation or so.

But the timing of this story is suspicious. Does Morrison need a new angle to distract from the Manus debacle and demonise PNG yet again?

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