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26 May 2014


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the minister and the secretary are both idiots. What more can we expect from them.

More on the problem -
"Dr. Gilbert Hiawalyer from the UN body, told Radio New Zealand International, sixty percent of mothers still give birth in the villages, and these statistics have not changed in 30 years.

He blames lack of maintenance of health facilities, and asks where the aid dollars go.

"Buildings are not maintained, no rooms, no water, no lights for mothers to deliver in the health centres.

"Everything is in dire need for repair.

"So it basically means the government has not put any resources at all, and that whole services for mother and child have deteriorated.

"Many resources are put in by the Australian government, but where is that money going?

"It is the responsibility of the Government to ensure these services are there," Doctor Hiawalyer said."

It is quite obvious that corruption is taking place. How can people steal money that is meant to save lives? They are murderers!

I would say the problem also lies with the fellows running the NDH. I read this recently -
"An Australian doctor who has been working in Papua New Guinea says it is going to be impossible for the country to meet any of their Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Australia's Minister of Foreign Affairs recently expressed concern that PNG had regressed in key areas such as health, despite an increase in aid funding over the years.

Dr Merrilee Frankish agrees the delivery of health services in PNG is deteriorating and corruption is partly to blame.

There's a bit of dispute over the actual distribution of that money and so now those poor health centres have actually got less money than they ever had.

Many many people have been sacked for corruption but they're all being paid in their former positions while they dispute that in court. And I believe there are over 170 people being paid for positions but they're not actually working.

So that just blocks up and it just makes the whole department grind to a halt."

There are also problems at Boram Hospital, Wewak. There are millions of kina lying idle while there is not enough accommodation for nurses and the hospital is in a very run-down condition.

Fortunately a group of Sepiks on the SRDD Forum are planning to see if they can help out. But if the NDH is so badly run and Malabag doesn't seem to be able to solve all the massive problems with running the Health Services of PNG it is time some changes were made.

I am of the opinion that the respective ministers of departments such as Health are not well advised by their respective department heads or management teams.

Health Minister Malabag has been saying things which are quiet contrary. To name a few....

1) In the last year he appointed Dr Francis Wandi of Goroka Base Hospital as CEO. CEO of what? The Provincial Health Authority or Goroka Base Hospital? This decision has left the EHP PHA non-functioning as a result of disorganisation.

2) Mr Malabag recently said the drug shortage issue in the country is the problem of individual provinces. What a huge blunder! Drug supply in PNG has always been the function of the National Department of Health.

3) It has been said there was nothing wrong with the awarding of a particular contract to Borneo Pacific,

Was it an oversight? Mr Malabag was the voice for the common people before entering politics. Now I believe he has lost all his integrity.

If he has been wrongly advised all along then for goodness sake sack all the advisers and get new ones.

By not sacking his advisers, it could be implied that he is condoning the kind of environment that could lead to corruption.

Thank you, Gary, for continuing to warn people about this scam.

I get the feeling that some members of parliament, whose names I will not mention, think it OK for a long time Sepik resident to die because there was no help available at Boram Hospital Wewak, that weekend when he became sick, but go off to the best hospital they can find in Singapore or Australia when they get sick.

The medicine problem is just one of many - all due to greed.

I have been vocal about this issue and am glad that others are now joining in and especially those from the medical sector.

We cannot meddle with our peoples health.

This is simply a scam, an inflated contract for suspect reasons. Why are we paying over and above to put our people in harm's way?

Governments are supposed to save lives not endanger them.

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