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30 May 2014


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Even keeping tabs on 'The Attitude' from a very cold UK on the second day of Summer....

Summer should be just the season,
When we all should stop our sneezin’,
But here today, the sun don’t shine,
And the weather, just not fine,
So here we sit, with some good reason,
Around the fire, to stop us freezin’.

KJ interesting trend…

If you are paranoid, you can make it a bit more difficult for the spooks (but not impossible).

Use Firefox in anonymous mode (no tracking), enable HTTPS (encrypted connection) and install add-ons like Noscript and Adblock to block cookies and rogue Java.

If you are really worried, try TOR or various anonymous proxies.

This info is all publicly available.

Facebook would have to be high on the list

Excellent analysis Keith. Beneath the obvious "statistics of readership" is the subtle message to young would be "movers and shakers". Doing something positive to benefit the community is not enough in itself. It is critically important to demonstrate to people (particularly those with some influence) that what you are doing has good impact. Only then will the multiplier effect kick in and "spread" the benefit.

Quantcast relies primarily on tracking pixels that publishers install on the pages of their sites to measure audience data, which is then used to compile visitor profiles and build a detailed picture of web audiences.

The data obtained from these pixels are then paired with browser cookies, and modelling is carried out in order to generate profiles.

Not that I've anything against Quantcast (they are a reputable company).

But think about it. A marketing company can track your browser habits, build a profile and then use that information.

So who else is doing this? (re. Edward Snowden revelations).

Thanks professor - KJ

While not underestimating the drawing power of the excellent variety of articles indicated in the Attitude categories, it's worth pointing out that the rapid rise in readership is also associated with the commencement of the Crocodile Prize Literary Contest.

On our Attitude important news, opinion pieces and popular fiction writing are a potent cocktail that keeps readers coming around.

(Note that the 'barman' of this website trained in Kundiawa 'long taim em nogat mausgras iet';)

Quite right on all counts, Michael - KJ

Great work Keith, this is a fine service you provide.

One thing, how does Quantcast get accurate data on our age?

Great question, Johnny, which sent me hurtling around the web in search of an answer. Couldn't find one on the Quantcast site but did find this on an analytics tutorial blog. It's all in the extrapolation, it seems - KJ

"Quantcast has a large network with millions of sites running its data collection feeds, web beacons and anonymous cookies, so it can track a person as he/she visits any of the websites in its network, and can build a profile of that person’s browsing habits, and then extrapolate demographics."

Sweet potato vines no doubt. The pigs will love it.

I probably need the rehab Robin.

So, Keith, about the 'laureate' thing, when do I get my butt of wine? (That's a cure right there!)

You actually get a laurel made of vine leaves. Close as we can come, I'm afraid - KJ

So pleased we have this amazing resource. Thank you Keith Jackson and everyone else who contributes. Great job.

Is that recidivistic resignation, Michael?

Good stuff.

What about 'repeat offenders' in the addicts category?

Or perhaps I better not ask.

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