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11 May 2014


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Em nau, Angra Sil, ol sampela papa ol fit man tru.

Tasol ol planti longlong papa save bagarapim nem b'long ol tru.

Ating bai ol gutpela papa mekim sampela samting o nogat?

Stap tasol na lukluk, em wankain olsem yumi tok em orait long mekim.

Ating long PNG, bai yumi mas mekim planti moa toktok long genda, famili na sexual violence long taim bilong Mama Dei na Papa Dei.

Em bai moabeta long narapela 40 years inap sampela senis kamap long neks generasen laka.

Angra, you said it all! Androgyny (spill and fill roles) is the way to maximise household productivity. Most fathers should wake up from slumber whilst a few should get a pat on the back for improving.

Very sad. It is a problem down here too and family violence is growing. Some men get angry with their wives and when they show some independence they beat them and try to dominate them. If their wives don't change and be the way these men want them to be, they kill them. Too many are being killed.

Some men think when they get married they "own" their wives. God made men and women to live together and become "one". Both have to listen to each other and understand each other, and love each other and not try to change each other.

Like it. Good observation.

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