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14 May 2014


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Interesting, Don's work in the 1970s in the Nagovisi region on changing patterns of land usage - prompted by a range of socio-economic factors - is not cited nearly enough in contemporary scholarship.

Don warned of impending relative land shortages - which were indeed among core grievances of youth in the mine area during 1988.

He also observed with a keen eye emerging social differentiation. For instance, Don noted that in the Nagovisi region, “[s]ome Nagovisi now buy wet (unprocessed) cocoa bean form other Nagovisi, while other Nagovisi are beginning to work for the larger cacao growers.

Since the common life-style nowadays require substantial quantities of money even for essentials such as taxes and school fees, those without land are forced to worker either in Nagovisi or to migrate elsewhere in search of work”.

Arguably Don articulated more astutely than anyone else key currents that were to synthesise and combust in 1989.

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