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10 May 2014


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Thank you very much everyone for your commendations and encouragement.

It's a new area that we are breaking into however, with the team that we have and the enthusiasm that has been shown by the members, we feel confident that we can progress to the next level.

We will be calling on any of you at any time when the need for professional advice and support arise so be ready to help us.

Thank you William for the slides on the early days of Kundiawa. It will become part and parcel of SWA's collection of Simbu's historical documents.

Please send them over as soon as you are ready. And don't forget to send my Salt Nomane slides.

Once again thank you everyone.

Thank you all for your congratulatory remarks and words of encouragement.

Like any new venture we have to get the necessary documents in order and formerly get registered with Investment Promotion Authority (IPA).

We have set ourselves a daunting task to get the Beast up to Simbu next year hence we will see how we go with this challenge.

I guess Laurence and Michael have rightly put it, it will be only fitting to once again see that 19 year old young Kundiawa primary school teacher come back after 50 plus years.

Thank you Keith for your service to Simbu, it will be an honour for us Simbus to have you step on this very soil once again.

The task now rests with Simbu Writers Association (SWA).

Congratulations to you all, especially Francis Nii. Would I be too presumptuous in suggesting the late Sir Ignatius 'Iggy' Kilage as your patron.

I still have his first book autographed to me, 'My Mother called me Yalep'.

I am in the process of having a quantity of slides of Kundiawa and Chimbu etcetera1969/71 converted to
digital, and can let you have copies if you so desire.

I have already promised Francis copies of the Salt Nomane.
All the very best for this venture.

Such an inspiring move that will encourage future Simbus to express our experiences and dreams of the rugged place we are from.

Thanks and keep the good spirit of cooperation into the future.

Highest our mountain; highest our destiny!

Congratulations Jimmy, Francis and the team in Simbu,
great initiative and fully support your ambition.

The Ghost of the Kundiawa News is stirring in the misty mountains. Crocodile Prize awards Ceremony in 2015 what an inspirational move!!! Not only a good idea to get the Australian Ambassador to Simbu but you might even entice Keith and Murray back to their early stamping grounds?? I see other related good news in the photo. It is good to see Francis out and about again so credit to those who facilitated his rehabilitation.

Drekore & Nii are a force to be reckoned with, like the rumbling of an avalanche in the mountains.

You guys are my champions.

Thank you and well done Simb's for your excellent initiative.

It is most fitting that the very location which was the testing ground for one fine young journalist stepping into the world, is the first to establish a writer's society from his inspirational lead.

Congratulations, Keith Jackson, you have moved mountains.

Fantastic initiative. This is the Simbu get-up-and-go that I so clearly remember and admire! I look forward to reading the future literary output from SWA writers.

This is indeed an exciting development - grassroots projects can only flourish and enrich meaningful independence of thought - good luck!

Good stuff guys. You should go a long way with several proven writers up front.

I look forward to keeping in touch as you develop.

Bravo. You all are such a productive group....

Your 2015 dream sounds good. You have the venue in Mt Wilhelm lodge.

You have my support.

Wonderful. God bless you all.

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