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01 May 2014


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LFR, Bougainville needs you.
Keep writing!

Thank you fellows for all these comments.

Thanks Kanamon for deep research since I am seeing the information you placed here is more than what our gossip would have done. Fine writer from Manus Province.

Really I am having a impact out there on the few readers of my writings and followers in my part of Bougainville.

Too many things for and against me and all created by writing and all kind of being laid to rest or boosted by writing more. But the road is long and I feel more is coming.

Indeed Leonard Fong Roka is an interesting person. I have learnt a lot about Bougainville from his stories which prodded me to write about his life.

I have shared his story in the social media, recommending that my friends read his books.

Chris well said and by now I think I have a 3D image of LFR.

It has been most enjoyable to read this article and find out a bit more about Leonard and what motivates him.

As an ex-kiap it gives me a great deal of pleasure to read the work of Leonard and other PNG writers.

Even in the lead up to independence in 1975, the idea that there could and would be intelligent and articulate PNG writers seemed quite fanciful.

Sure, there were plenty of obviously bright people around, but they were then too uncertain, too diffident, too intimidated perhaps, to venture their opinions and ideas in the forthright manner which is so characteristic of Leonard and many others who now grace these pages.

Now, at last, an embryonic PNG intelligentsia is emerging and, with it, the hope that they can both formulate and lead wide spread demands for the major reforms needed to allow all Papua New Guineans to achieve their true potential.

Of course, Leonard is strongly focussed on his beloved Bougainville, which is only right, but his writing and ideas are bound to be a marvellous provocation and stimulus to people in other parts of PNG.

Reilly Kanamon, this is an excellent write, thank you for this life story.

I am proud every day to have met and to know Leonard Fong Roka: a phenomenal writer and poet.

My friend, that lump of true Panguna ore that was banished to the bush, has been forged by fire. Your soul is now supple steel and your words cut a pathway to the future of Bougainville.

I'll see you in September.

God speed.

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