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21 May 2014


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Thank you John and Elvis, I feel empowered. Your comments have made this dull and dry Madang day feel different to me.

Cheers and may God be with you all.

I am keen to see literature play a part in engendering the spirit of nationalism and nation building!

Good one Bernard. Please keep that flame of hope burning!

Mr Bernard Yegiora express himself well in the art of writing. He possesses a certain degree of writing ability that exhibits good and innovative essay writing syntax in the field of his knowledge.

His capability to correlate ideas and demonstrate competing writing skills as shown in his fascinating work can thoroughly inspire and elevated the thoughts of others and many PNG writer’s within given parameters.

I would like to say "excellent work Mr Bernard". Fight the good fight, hold onto your peace with confidence and look beyond the horizon.

DWU is rising up to writing and I think you gave the bud. Angra Ben, you are better placed to leave a legacy in the students. Wakai we!

He ( Mr Yegiora) is a role model to such student like us together with other young student writers like Leonard Fong Roka and others that have been inspiring the young Papua New Guinea generations. Keep up the good work guys.

Never stop writing Bernard! You are a pioneer for PNG! Others will read and be inspired! Thank you Keith, Phil, Paul Oates, Peter Kranz, Leonard Fong, John Kaupa, Michael Dom and all who continue to inspire! Do not put down that pen!

Bernard's an inspiration to many budding essayists. Thanks.

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