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06 May 2014


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Stephanie Tringin, a Sepik agriculturalist, reported on the Sepik Region DDF blog this morning. Here is what she had to say about the oil palm situation in Oro Province.

I am an agriculturalist from Sepik and I have been working and living in Popondetta Oro Province for ten years now. The palm oil industry in the province provides an income for some 80% of the population.

Unfortunately, the living standards of the smallholder growers are still very low as fresh fruit bunch prices continually fluctuate, population pressure builds up on small holder blocks, inefficient cash crop centred extension is lacking basic financial management and more factors contribute to keeping the living standards of the growers at a minimum.

Well done. Many lessons can be gleaned from your article, Arnold.

A very relevant and timely story Arnold.

Well done and thank you.

Thank you Arnold for giving us this first-hand account of the problems with the oil palm industry in PNG.

It is quite obvious that these problems could also be passed on to the people of the Yangoru-Saussia area if the government pushes ahead with its plans to allow Wilmar to come in and set up a huge oil palm plantation in that area.

I know there are many Sepik people who are experienced in agriculture who could advise the government on more appropriate crops for the East Sepik plains.

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