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21 April 2014


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Hi Phil

A book collection of humour/jokes would not be a bad idea.

You are truly a gifted writer Governor.

Humour can be a deadly weapon.

There have been a few similar articles from other writers over the years that the Croc Comp has been running. Brigette Wase's, 'The Knocks', Biango Buia's 'Fire Truck' and Jimmy Apiu's 'Adults' spring to mind.

When we've got enough for a collection we should think about publishing them.

Now that's a great idea. Some of Sil Bolkin's writing would be in the same category - KJ

Ahah, PNG. True life tale. Shoot a movie and leave it for the future generation to see. They will be civilized by then.

Ahhh Michael, your words flow smooth poetry bro! Maureen, very true.

Gary, you elicit equal portions of aggravation & amusment, angst & acrimony in this sparkling anecdote.

What you have described is so Moresby.

I never hesitated to be vocal at the drivers holding up traffic unnecessarily along Douglas street. In the end I found I was wearing my voice out to no avail.

Six years ago, peak and non-peak traffic times were unheard of. I cannot imagine what it is like now with more vehicles on the road.

What I also observed was that the bigger vehicles (I meant 10 seaters) would bully the smaller vehicles during peak hours. No wonder Ela Motors POM ran out of Toyota LC 10 seaters during elections of 2012!

The improvement, though, has to come from those issuing licenses in collaboration with the traffic office.

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