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10 April 2014


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I come from a tribe and village that has the true unheard story of the nokondi thats called nokoti in my local vernacular.

My ancestors lived with the nokotis who led in tribal fights and in every warfare the nokoti led our ancestors always won.

To this date I live right under the very mountain where my forefathers fought and have secured all with the help of the nokotis.

It was during this time that a nokoti carved a pillow out of wood and gave to my fathers which have being passed from generations to this date thats kept sacred.

Nokondi has nothing to do with the development of the province. Its just the mind set of the leaders who lack wisdom and understanding.

Leave nokondi alone and set your priorities right, know your weakness and seek advice.

For anyone interested to know and see the true nokonti legend can contact me.

This typifies how much damage "fundamental christians" are going to incur on this country.

Just a note on Sil's comment that the legend of Nokondi is only found in EHP.

I am not sure about Simbu but in the Kuli area of Jiwaka (melting zone for Hagen and Jiwaka culture) there was a similar legend of a spirit man called Jigbe who lived on a tree on a hill on the foothills of the Kubor range.

He was supposed to be half a person and as a boy I often asked adults or bigger boys how he moved around and how did the half of his body look like (could you see the entrail etc).

I never got a satisfactory answer; only that we shouldn't venture near the hill.

Unfortunately my aunt lived nearby and I was too terrified to ever visit her as some where along the path I might meet half a man hopping along.

Since the HAUS TAMBARAN had all its decorations removed, did the level of corruption reduce?? To the contrary, the level of corruption has sky rocketed!

Will removing the Nokondi reduce the level of corruption in EHP? NOGAT YA. The MPs and the PEC must reform their thoughts, only then they will be able to make right decisions. Do not shift the blame of their unproductiveness to non-living, non - breathing icon of the province. EHP is known as the land of the Nokondi's and it will remain that way. Why couldn't Julie Soso built the tourism industry around the Nokondi or the Asaro Mudmen?? whoever her advisers are, they should be thinking laterally and not have a tunnel vision.

I couldn't believe my eyes! What a kick in the face of tradition.

When I read this post just now, I wondered who had put Premier Julie Soso up to this nonsense. Her father, who, as Julie knows, I knew well, must be turning in his grave.

Then I thought, maybe it's a move by someone who wants to remove all traces of PNG's so-called 'colonial days' just because a kiap (me) was instrumental in giving the Eastern Highlands an emblem, a symbol, for the widely-known Nokondi myth.

Then I thought, 'No! this has the feel of one of those crack-pot fundamentalist groups who call themselves Christian.'

Only after these thoughts, did I read all the comments to date on the post. I was heartened. And I want to say a big thank you to all those who commented.

Keep at it my friends. Go Nokondi.

Matt I have a similar and very strong view on "If everyone did their two toeas worth every day with pride (read patriotism), we would continue on to become a great nation. But "nogat", we all want a piece of the action before we can do our mandated tasks."

Why blame systems and procedures, and especially symbols when it is very clear, it is the people who are behind them that are causing all the problems or even making positive contributions.

Sometimes one wonders where rational thinking has gone to...maybe off on a holiday or stepped out of office for a cup of coffee.

Modern PNG culture has taken on a new feature, and this is true right around the country where people are beginning to shift blame to others or even onto sangumaa or inanimate objects and symbols.

Governor Soso has since come on the NBC Radio this morning to defend her PEC's decision.

I have not had the chance to hear what she has to say but we are waiting for her or her advisers to come on social media to explain to PNG what her government's reasons are for the move.

By this one 'stupid' mistake, she may have undone any good achieved in office since election and caused a major set back in the public perception of women politicians in the country.

Indeed a sad day for for playing politics.

Well said, Sil.

In the entire universe, Nokondi's myth and symbol is only found in the Eastern Highlands Province.

The angels, Homer and Iliad, Snow White and the dwarfs, the Greek goddesses, the dancing wolves (Red Indians), Tari myths etc are intermittently found and unique to special civilisations. Leave them alone.

The Speaker of Parliament and EHPEC are just acting like Pope Urban VIII who condemned Galileo Galilei in 1633. Galileo said the sun is the centre of the universe and declared that the book of nature was written in the language of mathematics not in biblical terms.

Now, with modern discoveries, the church realized that Galilei was right and the Church was wrong but its too late. Galileo was punished and excommunicated.

You lots of sponge are trying to do the same in PNG.

If you believe in God, we also do, and therefore equally affirm that we have to be rational like God. There is no need to change what God has put in place.

If you are a black man, remain black. There is not need for you take pills to change the colour of your skin.

If you are a beautiful whale, you are better off in the ocean. You don't need to come out of it.

Likewise, if you are an Eastern Highlander, you are a sum of the 30-40 thousand years of survival with a diligently needed culture as a nation (Apo)and Nokondi is part and parcel.

Why make a spur of the moment decision to back-flip because a half-baked, charged up pastor is yelling and disturbing your cognitive power by telling you that you are a product of a pagan culture when the very God you and the pastor believe in is the author of your culture and you?

Have a quiet moment and think again!

A real chance to lose a unique identity. And for what?

The Nokondi sign is uniquely emblematic, stands out, and preserves EHP unique identity.

Some things in this life cannot be simply changed.

All those from Apoland should stand up as one and oppose this proposal. Seriously!

I say no for change of provincial emblem and strongly condemn any changes to provincial identity that unites the EH people.

The Nokondi emblem is our pride, it is our culture and heritage.

Governor Soso and her Provincial Assembly team have huge development agendas sitting on their table. This is not real, its a joke.

No luxury of time to continue writing and arguing but I bet my view here is counted in the final decision.

Good campaign promise for the next elections - "I will bring back Nokondi".

All you EHP MPs pass a motion in the PEC that all your office paper audits should be accompanied with a physical inspection performance audit.

Only then we will know you are serious in development and fighting corruption.

Benny All givim gol long yupela olgeta pinis.

What is wrong with the PNG politicians? The name Nokondi is synonymous with EHP. They are the same as far as I know. And why go with the PNG symbol?

It seems like we are going back into the dark ages. People are now accepting that "other things" are causing the downfall of the systems/processes we have in place.

If everyone did their two toeas worth every day with pride (read patriotism), we would continue on to become a great nation. But "nogat", we all want a piece of the action before we can do our mandated tasks.

We have come a long way and some of us are educated enough to know that it is the people who are evil and not materials. Why are we allowing the politicians to pull the wool over our eyes and continue to plunder, meanwhile blame "sanguma" to be the cause of development or lack of.

Do they sleep well at night? They are fooling themselves but unfortunately the rest of us are ending up in this slippery slide.

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