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17 April 2014


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Thanks mom and dad for that wonderful Dati. Something is worthwhile for every day counts. Never there is a failure.

Disability doesn't matter, it's where your mind is that counts Dati. You can do extremely well, my boy. Keep it up!

God bless you and family.


People like me act tough because all our body systems are intact and functional. Putting oneself in the shoes of Dati, it's all shocking.

Dati - real inspiration since you have the power and will to go.

Quite inspiring!

Those with special needs such as Cornelius can contribute meaningfully to the development of this country if adequate training and support facilities are provided.

Hats off to the National Disability Resource & Advocacy Centre (NDRAC) for the great effort in empowering them!

I always was inspired by you and you have been a great role model for Children with Disabilities in Papua New Guinea.

Go Dati! You have nothing to stop you now.

Thanks Mrs Barbara for the comments. Dati is still drawing and has since ventured into computer graphics.

It's the guys at NDRAC whom we'd like to thank the most for bringing Dati out to the public.

Great story. Dati - your family is a shining example of the true grit that lies behind the capacity of the national family, if it will only see it.

Wonderful story. Good on you Dati. Keep up with your drawing. God bless you Pamela and Philemon.

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