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07 April 2014


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Well said Mr Bolkin, that is sadly the situation in our province. Hope it changes

Very entertaining reading, Sil Bolkin.

Surely a bold challenge to those young intending candidates and also a warning to them to be wary of the lazy earth worms.

Countryman, you are definitely onto something here.

There are important lessons to learn from your article.

The "nere tere" culture has spread to many parts of the country so that no political candidate expects to win without giving something as a token; even vote buying happens every election time in many parts of PNG, and not only Simbu.

The cunning bit when elections come around is just on the dot. People have learnt to behave that way every time around elections because they have learnt it from others, and because politicians themselves have encouraged that culture by giving money and cargo because they are not offering something in terms of policies and strategies to develop the

Because it is learned behaviour, and culture is learned behaviour and subject to change, what can we do about it?

Maybe it is time like minded people from Simbu who comment on this blog or who have had enough of this culture and want a change, and can identify their affinity with Simbu, must stand up and say it is enough. Otherwise it is going to destroy our communities and society.

Even if all of us are not going to stand for public office, there is a need to change and stem this culture from getting out of hand.

Good article.

Bernard, my support for educational awareness still stands, be it online or on foot.

For the first time, this is one piece I can smile and relate too.

Has my vote for the Croc Prize!

I was added to the Simbu Intending Candidates by the administrator without my consent but have been entertained by some of the informative post by other members.

A recent post was the government's decision to initiate investigations into the Highway Rehabilitation Program and the Karamui-Normane road project. This move is engineered to destroy Polye's credibility according to sources within the government.

I do not know the rationale for creating this group. From my observation, it provides an avenue for Sil's earthworms to spin their flattery but most importantly it serves to educate members of the group.

Most of the young people in this group have the potential to contest for public office. They will no doubt in the next 10-20 years be in a position where they can influence the mass.

I disagree with the negative connotation Sil is attaching to this group via this article. It is Facebook anyone can create any discussion group to satisfy their interest regardless of existing groups in reference to the Simbu discussion group as stated by Sil.

A classic piece of tragicomedy, recounted PNG-style! Thorough in entertainment, brutal in honesty.

One can't help but note the irony in an "Intending Candidates" Facebook page. Flirting with the laws, and perpetual, like intending candidates themselves.

Aiyo bel blo me bruk lo laf nau morning! Sil you are a master.


Angra Sil - precise.

Your blade has touched bone.

That's very true Mr Bolkin and it's happening all over Simbu Province now.

Most of the critics in Simbu discussion groups are failed politicians and businessmen who are also using Facebook for early campaigning for 2017.

We hardly see successful people commenting and giving good advice. It's all this "dengreme" and their criticisms.

What a razor sharp piece succinctly depicting the reality on the ground in that part of the country. Sad but very very true to the bone.

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